15 Best Vinyl Record Brushes + Record Cleaners in 2024

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Maintaining the pristine condition of your vinyl records is crucial for preserving their sound quality and longevity. In 2024, the market offers a variety of high-quality vinyl brushes and cleaners designed to keep your records in top shape. In this article, we review the 15 best vinyl record brushes and record cleaners available this year. From anti-static brushes to deep-cleaning solutions, we provide insights into the most effective tools to keep your collection dust-free and sounding its best. Join us as we explore the top products that every vinyl enthusiast should consider for maintaining their treasured records.

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1. Pro-Ject Brush It Carbon Fiber Record Brush

Now a design copied and facsimiled in countless vinyl brushes, Pro-Ject has decided to throw its hat in the ring to ensure that its carbon fiber bristles can also pro-tect vinyl records at all costs.

2. Audioquest Anti-Static Record Brush

This design takes the carbon fiber brush made by so many manufacturers and enhances it to ensure that there is as much conductivity as possible – this means that it is more effective at removing static charge (while also sporting a more handy grip).

3. Groovewasher Record Cleaning Kit

Anyone already familiar with this website will no doubt have seen the review of the Groovewasher already wherein its praises are sung to the utmost. Now, you can get your very own and never have to think about getting another vinyl record cleaner.

4. Boundless Audio Record Cleaning Kit

Here, Boundless Audio takes the carbon fiber record cleaning brush that we are all already familiar with and ups the ante by also including a specially designed carbon fiber stylus cleaner to remove static from the stylus and thereby halt the perpetual cycle of static buildup.

5. Line Phono Magic Audio Brush

If you are looking for vinyl record brushes that are not just for records but are also for anything related to audiophilia including your entire stereo system, then you are in luck!

6. Spin-Clean MKII Record Washing System

If you are looking to make more of a business of cleaning a record surface, then perhaps you will be more interested in something a little more industrial. The Spin Clean has also previously been reviewed on this website and will help you strike a balance between industrial and personal.

7. Humminguru Ultrasonic Record Cleaner

The next step up from the Spin Clean would be something like this which steps further into the industry and allows you to clean more records at a quicker pace.

8. Pro-Ject VC-S2 Record Cleaning Machine

Even faster for cleaning your record collection is this release from Pro-Ject who constantly seek to throw their hat in the ring of just about every branch of audiophilia’s tree.

9. VEVOR Ultrasonic Vinyl Record Cleaner

Working within the tradition of other automatic, the VEVOR offers its own unique perspective on the subject in a space-age chassis befitting of the bravest cosmonaut.

10. Mobile Fidelity One Vinyl Record Cleaning Solution

Though it might seem like a step back from all the dry cleaning apparatus above, this wet cleaning solution is no less powerful even if it takes more time and effort to get more done.

11. Pro-Ject Wash It Eco-Friendly Record Cleaning Concentrate

Of course, where would all those record cleaning machines above be without a strong and capable cleaning concentrate to fill them with? Pro-Ject once again has the goods and offers them in an eco-friendly way.

12. Big Fudge Record Roller

Another honorable solution for the rapid removal of dust, dirt, and/or grime from the surface of a record is to use a roller, an elegant and reusable tool that can seriously change the way you think about record cleaning.

13. Milty Zerostat 3 Anti-Static Gun

Of course, if you want to get mechanical about the removal of static from your records, you can also get American about it and purchase a gun that is up to the task.

14. Legend Vinyl Complete Care Vinyl Cleaning Kit

Great package with all you will need for protecting and cleaning your vinyl. It’s that simple. It actually consists of 6 in 1 vinyl record cleaner kit. It has 2 brushes – one for the static and one for your stylish. soft 2 Lint-free micro fibre cloths and their own cleaning solution.

Legend Vinyl Complete Care Cleaning Kit

15. Record Doctor Goat Hair Record Brush

Finally, what better way to conclude this list of the best record brushes and cleaners than with a brush that strikes a balance between the great divide between dry cleaning and wet cleaning? Yes, this brush can be used effectively both ways, eliding the need for separate brushes dependent on your mood!

Final Tones

So, there you have it! Hopefully, you are now feeling ready and able to choose a brush from among the many vinyl brushes here assembled!

FAQs Vinyl Brushes + Cleaners

What is the best brush to clean vinyl?

This will depend on what exactly you intend to do with the brush and what you hope to get out of it. Perhaps your records are more often afflicted by static due to the humidity of the climate in which you live, or, alternatively, it might be more of an issue with all the dust and dirt in the air. There are separate brushes for each purpose or all-in-one brushes if you are willing to compromise in this way.

What does a vinyl brush do?

A vinyl brush seeks to remove foreign contaminants from the surface of a record that can distort or otherwise change the proper function and play of a record. This is often to do with stray dust and dirt getting onto the record, in which case a record brush would be used to remove these foreign contaminants before and after a record has been played.

What is the best method to clean vinyl?

The most thorough method for cleaning vinyl is likely wet cleaning, though this should not be done too regularly or too thoroughly for it can easily lead to the wear of the record’s grooves. Instead, you should opt to wet clean only every so often, using record brushes in the interim to remove stray dirt, dust, and static that can accumulate through repeated plays.

What can I use instead of a vinyl brush?

There are plenty of other solutions to this problem, the most popular among likely being the record roller. This tool works in much the same way as a record brush, though instead of using brush follicles to do the job, it instead calls upon a roller brush. This is then rolled over the surface of the disc to achieve the purpose.

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