10 of the Kiss Vinyl Records with Great Value

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KISS, the iconic rock band known for their electrifying performances and larger-than-life personas, has left an indelible mark on music history. For vinyl enthusiasts and collectors, KISS records represent not only sonic treasures but also valuable pieces of rock memorabilia. In this article, we delve into 10 KISS vinyl records that hold significant worth in the world of collecting. From rare pressings to limited editions, each record offers a glimpse into the band’s legendary career and enduring legacy. Join us as we explore these prized gems, celebrating the timeless allure of KISS through their most valuable vinyl releases.

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1. Hotter Than Hell

Value: £7,370.90

Nowhere is the Kiss vinyl records value greater than with this classic album. Ace Frehley and Co. are in fighting form on this release, an ode to women who somehow match and, in some instances, exceed the soaring temperatures of hell itself. Nowadays, they are better known for propping up anti-Trans activists.

2. “Let Me Go Rock and Roll” b/w “Hotter Than Hell”

Value: £6,138.95

Now acknowledged as one of the rarest Kiss records ever, there are allegedly only three copies of this legendary single in existence, but only if it is the version with the blue label, mind.

3. The Originals 1974-1979

Value: £4,405.76

Box sets of the band’s original albums from 1974-1979 have been known to fetch considerable sums when put up for auction. People are crazy enough to buy just about anything these days, including the views of Gene Simmons and his solo albums.

4. The Best of Casablanca

Value: £3,761.74

Seeing as Kiss was such an immensely popular band in its time, any live release of theirs that is even somewhat rare is going to sell for big bucks, hence this release right here!

5. Kiss

Value: £3,200.00

A signed copy of their debut self-titled album is also going to sell for a whole bunch no matter which online vinyl store you use to do it. This vinyl record is a piece of history, whether you love or loathe the band – their influence is here to stay.

6. Alive

Value: £3,121.74

This double live LP is a perfect emblem of the pomp and decadence that so plagued mainstream rock music in this era, largely as a result of the band themselves.

Everyone wanted to be them, hence the ceaseless droves of single brain-celled organisms beneath fountains of oily hair that came to dominate much rock music in the early 80s. Put short, definitely not one of the best-sounding vinyl records.

7. Alive II

Value: £2,227.17

Of course, once just wasn’t enough for these decadent so and so’s, they had to repeat the process with another live LP that, again, stands as a torrid logo of the filth and excrement profusely pouring from speaker cabinets throughout this era.

8. Sonic Boom

Value: £1,907.72

Likewise, there’s no greater time to cash in if you have an original copy of this release that’s also signed. It might be difficult to part with at first, but the price will no doubt loosen your tight grip on the record until it is away from you for good.

9. Greatest Kiss

Value: £1,600.94

Similarly, there exist certain copies of this, one of their many greatest hits offerings, that are worth a considerable sum when put up for sale. This is for no reason other than the incredible hype machine around the band and the sway they still hold in second-hand communities.

10. Unmasked

Value: £1,386.69

Also, consider copies of this album that were pressed onto red vinyl – these signify that your copy is rarer than most. However, if the record is sealed, do not unseal it merely to find this out.

Final Tones

So, there you have it! Hopefully, you have learned all you need to from this document and can go on in peace!

FAQs Kiss Vinyl Records Value

How do I know if my vinyl records are valuable?

The most effective way to tell whether your records are worth any money is to use a site like Discogs and check your record against theirs.

What 60s records are worth money?

Those that are made by artists popular enough to be known by most people but that are rare enough for most people not to have a copy.

What vinyl records have value?

Those that are rare but made by artists that everyone knows. No one gives a hoot about a rare record is nobody knows who it’s by.

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