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Maintaining your vinyl collection is essential for preserving sound quality and longevity, making the choice of the best record cleaner crucial. In this 2024 guide, we review the top vinyl record cleaners on the market, evaluating their effectiveness, ease of use, and value. Whether you’re dealing with stubborn dust or restoring old favorites, our recommendations cover a range of products to suit every need and budget. Join us as we explore the best record cleaner options available this year, helping you keep your treasured vinyl records in pristine condition for the ultimate listening experience.

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1. Pro-Ject VC-E

With a fat-bottomed weight of 6.5 kg, this is one of the heaviest contenders we have today. For many, this is the best record cleaner for showing vinyl records what they are for and sorting out the grime with which they are caked.

Caring so much about audiophilia and the quality of records, it is no wonder that Pro-Ject has graced the shelves with this vinyl record cleaner which so clearly puts audiophilia at the forefront of its mission.


  • This might be the best vinyl record cleaner on this list if only for the sheer speed that it exhibits in cleaning the records. This thing is super-fast and ready to remove just about every bit of dirt from your records.
  • The build quality is sturdy and there is clearly a great deal of attention and care that has been poured into the craftsmanship and design of this piece of kit.


  • This is no doubt the top end of the price scale, hence the esteemed build quality with which this thing was made and the immense speed at which it can clean vinyl records.

2. My Legend Vinyl Complete Care Vinyl Cleaning Kit

This is a great example of an entire kit’s worth of cleaning materials, including all the cleaning solution and brushes necessary to get started and finish cleaning up your vinyl collection.

It’s kits like this that make cleaning vinyl records such a breeze, putting so many other brands and products to considerable shame in the stocks of audiophilia. This is among the best of record cleaning solutions in this price range.


  • The brushes here are of particular note – they are clearly of considerable quality and made from reliable materials.
  • The cleaning fluid included is more than capable of getting the job done.
  • The bag that comes included makes this both an easily-stored product but also a product that can be taken wherever it is needed, perfect for DJs and homeowners alike.


  • There are plenty of similar all-in-one kits online nowadays which do a similar job and cost considerably less, even if the performance isn’t necessarily the same.

3. Boundless Audio Record Cleaning Kit

Immediately catching the eye with stylish and minimalist packaging, the lasting appeal of any products by Boundless Audio comes with just how much staying power they have.

Indeed, once you use, say, a microfiber cloth made by them there is scarcely any turning back from the sheer quality on full display. This is one of the top vinyl record cleaners among audiophiles and not just for those stylish and swanky looks.


  • The brushes here are the trademark high-quality carbon-fiber brushes that Boundless have become so linked with over their short tenure within the audiophile community.
  • There is apparently no need even for cleaning fluid with such a kit as this, for the brushes are designed in such a way that they can accommodate any dirt without a liquid solution.
  • The design is going to catch many an eye – it is both contemporary and hyper-minimal; very chic!


  • For all its perks, there are electronic kits that will no doubt be more effective, though the same really could be said about any record-cleaning kits out there.

4. Crosley Groove Goo

Unique in appearance, this is a rare offering from Crosley that can actually compete with others on the market. Usually, they are so embroiled in the great war between Crosley vs Victrola that they don’t really heed anything else. Here, though, is that rare exception.


  • This is a simple and convenient way to remove dust and dirt quickly and efficiently without any cleanup or drying process necessary to get the record ready to spin again.
  • These things last a surprisingly long time as you can easily just rinse off any of the grime that has been accumulated through the cleaning process with water and leave it to dry until the next time.


  • It can feel a little weird just smothering your records with a limp lump of cold goo, though do have faith that it will get the job done because it will!

5. Vinyl Vac 33

Those who are already fans of fulfilling household chores and hoovering around the house will no doubt rejoice at the appearance of the Vinyl Vac.

This is an attachment that can be combined with your ordinary vacuum cleaner to remove the dust and dirt that have accumulated on the face of the discs with the sheer force of suction otherwise used to hoover up the house.

When you start to think about it there isn’t all that much that separates the house and the vinyl record, or perhaps you have just been spinning around a few too many times…


  • The high-quality carbon-fiber bristles on display here bear a striking resemblance to those present on some of Boundless Audio’s finest products, a mark of quality and respect in all circles of audiophilia.
  • The use of suction here elides any need to use cleaning fluid, ensuring that this is as dry a process as you can get from cleaning records.


  • For all the power of the suction, it isn’t as effective as some other methods – cleaning solution also has its perks.

6. CGOLDENWALL Washing Machine

Much like the Groovewasher or the Spin Clean Record Washer, this is a fully-fledged and autonomous record cleaner that can sustain itself without worry. The key difference with the CGOLDENWALL washing machine is that it uses specialist ultrasound technology to do the job.

By emitting high-frequency waves that are otherwise undetectable by the human ear, this cleaner can rid records of the dirt and grime that might garb them. Paired with water and a specialist solvent, you can rest assured that your records are going to be clean and fresh in no time.


  • This thing is capable of doing an incredibly thorough job at a rapid pace, making this a great choice for those who are looking to buy and sell records in a more professional and marketable way. In this way, you can ensure that you have a production line of clean records on the go at any one time.
  • This is especially helpful considering that this washer can clean four separate records at once.


  • For all its skill, this thing goes for a pretty hefty price, though those who are looking to sell their records professionally might simply look at it as a long-term investment.

7. Knox Vinyl Record Cleaner Spin Kit

If you are looking to elide the cursed clutches of electricity in your record-cleaning ventures, then you can scarcely go wrong with the Knox. This is a great method of cleaning if you want to strike a keen balance between the sheer power of an electronic machine and a cleaning kit, all without the need for electricity. Here, you can use your elbow grease and get stuck into it!


  • The fact that no power is required for this cleaning machine to function will no doubt be one of the main pulls of it as a product.
  • In alignment with this stance against electricity and ethereal power, this thing even comes with its own drying rack, saving you the hassle of sourcing one yourself.
  • It can even clean 10-inch records, something that almost all of the other options above don’t cater towards.


  • Frustratingly, there are a lot of different components and it can be difficult to assemble if you aren’t already that way inclined.

8. Fasmov Vinyl Record Cleaning Brush

For those looking to elide the onward march of electricity and the new century even further, there is the format of vinyl cleaning which only uses brushes like this.

Though decidedly less effective than all of the other options listed above, there is considerable swag to the side-to-side dusting involved when using a record brush like this. Eliding all of the different components, the drying process, and the moisture, you can achieve something close to grace while keeping your records clean and neat.


  • There is something to be said for the lack of fuss involved in using a record brush like so, eliding all of the assembly of all the different components, all of the drying process, etc.
  • The wooden handle reeks of quality, giving something of an impression of luxury and decadence.
  • This is one of the cheapest options available on this list, for it is just a brush trying to make its way into the world.


  • That being said, it is cheap for a reason and will struggle to remove more ingrained dirt from within the grooves of a record.

Final Tones

So, there you have it! Hopefully, you are now feeling ready and able to choose a record cleaner of your own that is suited to your purposes!

FAQs Best Record Cleaner

What is best for cleaning vinyl records?

This will depend on your budget and your purposes. Those looking to make something of a business out of buying and selling records would be best with a machine, though hobbyists would be fine with a standard cleaning kit.

What is the best cleaning cloth for records?

Nothing too fancy, really. Any microfiber cloth will do as long as it is clean and free of lint and other pollutants.

Is it OK to clean vinyl records with alcohol?

It is recommended to avoid using any products containing isopropyl alcohol when cleaning records. Though it will clean the muck off the record, it can also damage the protective coating on the record, so, if you are going to use it, do so sparingly.

What is the safest way to clean vinyl records?

The safest way to go about cleaning vinyl records would probably be to do it by hand, though this is certainly the least efficient way to do it. This will be a particular dilemma for those looking to make something of a business out of buying and selling records when such an enterprise would inherently be streamlined by a machine cleaner.

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