Parts of a Record Player: The 5 You Must Know

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Robert Halvari, Creator at Notes on vinyl

Types of Turntables The turntables have several basic components including the plinth (base), the platter, the drive, the tone arm, the cartridge and stylus, and the mechanical and electronic components to make it all work.

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The Plinth The plinth does not have an impact on the tonal qualities of the record in question, but instead seeks to lay a strong foundation that would be very different indeed were there a weaker foundation. .

The Platter The platter fulfils a dual purpose of extra absorption of vibrations that the plinth might otherwise miss, as well as making use of the form to further advertise the particular brand of hi-fi or audio equipment that the turntable is made by.

The Tonearm  The tonearm acts as the conduit for and bearing the integral needle/stylus cartridge. In fact, the right calibration of the tonearm is one of the more important aspects of expensive and boutique record players or at least those from a bygone era where this was more important.

The Cartridge It is one of the only parts of the record player that comes into direct contact with the record itself, and the only one which is tasked with reading and transmitting the sensitive vibrational data from the disc’s grooves and out through the preamp and speakers.