Ground a Turntable : 5 Tips on How to Do It

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Robert Halvari, Creator at Notes on vinyl

Why Ground a Turntable? Do You Have to? You may be tired of hearing the annoying hum that might otherwise get in the way. For many, this is the first step towards genuine audiophilia. Despite how long you may have had your turntable, this ground loop can easily be avoided with some grounding wire

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1. Power Off The first step to ground a turntable and for anything that involves electricity should be to turn the power off. Sure, you might have had plenty of experiences in the past which have not been dangerous.

 2. Find the Ground Wire The wire should not be hard to miss. It will be the wire next to the unconnected copper spade connector.  A flat piece of metal that has a U-shape curved out of it.

4. Distance Between the Turntable and Amplifier The most important physical aspects of the exchange between the turntable and amplifier is the grounding wire connecting them. If the grounding wire, thus, did not manage to bridge the distance between the two, then it would be no use at all

5. The Connection Take the grounding wire’s copper spade connector and place it on the grounding terminal. Tighten this connection. Though not too tight, lest you strip the terminal and ruin the entire mechanism.