7 Best DJ Turntables for Beginners

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Robert Halvari, Creator at Notes on vinyl

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DJ Turntables vs DJ Controllers? DJ Turntable package is a setup for spinning, mixing, and playing vinyl that will typically include a direct drive turntable or two and a mixer. DJ controllers work in a similar way. Borrowing a lot of their functionality and reasoning from the logic of a DJ turntables setup. These controllers will tend to come as one piece.

1. Audio-Technica AT-LP140XP-SV (Best Beginner) Unlike some of the others here arrayed, this turntable features three whole speeds of playback, catering to all three of the main vinyl record types and speeds. This, alongside the adept pitch control, makes for a truly involved user experience that you are scarcely going to get anywhere else.

2. Numark PT01 Scratch (Best Budget) The belt drive that keeps the costs down. An apt choice for the beginner who is looking for a turntable on more of a budget. This turntable can suit you if you are looking to practice their scratching so that they can own it at their next DJ set. For the DJ on the move.

3. Pioneer DJ PLX-500 (Best Entry-Level) Pioneer is one of the central brands in the design and manufacture of DJ turntables.  This turntable is likely the best you could hope for from them with regard to entry-level audiophilia. It provides everything a beginner might need to get started.